For Unto Us A Son Is Given, And We Are Eternally Grateful

Unto us a Son is given

Unto us a Son is given

For unto us a Son is given. (Isa 9:6) He has been given to us–a child, a gift, a King. Can you imagine heaven on the eve of His departure? Knowing what He was about to face, what was the conversation between Father and Son? I can almost see the embrace, wrapped tightly in the Holy Spirit.

For unto us a Son is given. Receive this greatest gift of all time. Receive Him as more than a name in a book. More than a teacher or prophet. Receive Him as the Son of God, the Lamb that was sacrificed for us.

The question at the end of life will be this: God gave His Son to save us. Did you receive Him? Can you imagine standing before God, who sacrificed His Son for you, and telling Him No to His face? It would not be a pretty picture.

But stand before Him and say, Yes! Yes, you received the great gift with joy and gratitude. You cherished it and held it close until the very day you died.

To receive Jesus, the Son of God, is to receive life and blessing. When the King of Kings gives Himself, there is nothing greater to be had. Unto us a Son is given, and we are eternally grateful.


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