Why Is God So Happy With You?

God is very happy with you.

God is very happy with you.

Why is God so happy with you? First of all, you have to realize that God is happy with you. He absolutely delights in you, but why? I mean, yes, there are times when we do things right that He could be proud of, but most of the time we’re just us. Is that enough to make God delighted in us?

The key to this is the blood of Jesus. When we receive salvation through Christ, God sees us through the blood of redemption. That means that He sees us with all the sin and pride and anger stripped away. He sees us as being perfect, right now.

God sees us with all the gifts and talents and destiny that He put in us. And His work is perfect, so what He created in us is perfect. Our job is to line up with what’s already in us. On earth as it is in heaven. It’s not as hard as you think it is.

Allow God to clean out all the bad attitudes. Confess your sins. Forgive people, all of them. Keep forgiving them. Ask God to fill you with the good attitudes of His Spirit. Over time, He will do a make over that is amazingly transforming — because He loves you. He’s very happy with you and wants you to be happy too.


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