How to Wear Your Armor of God

I remember being in a church once where we were told to get up every morning and more or less pretend to put on our armor. Pull on the helmet, the breastplate, etc. By doing that, you should be protected for your day. I’m sorry, but I think that’s silly.

what is the armor of God

How do you wear the armor of God?

Your armor doesn’t come off at night. It’s the affect of your relationship with God. Your righteousness comes from knowing who God is and allowing Him to take your from glory to glory. You don’t take off your helmet of salvation, so there’s no need to put it on again. See my point?

The armor is just a metaphor for the principles of living in the kingdom. Don’t get hung up on putting them on everyday. Once you embrace a relationship with God, everything you need is given to you. You don’t have to put your armor on, but you do have to grow you faith, learn scripture, hear the voice of God to mature and follow after Him.

Your protection comes from your daily walk with Jesus and delighting in Him. Be righteous. Listen to His truth. Rejoice in your salvation. Extent your faith. Celebrate His gospel. Study His word. Do those things and your armor becomes part of you.


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