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How to Wear Your Armor of God

I remember being in a church once where we were told to get up every morning and more or less pretend to put on our armor. Pull on the helmet, the breastplate, etc. By doing that, you should be protected for your day. I’m sorry, but I think that’s silly. Continue reading

Your Helmet Protects Your Thoughts

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helmet of salvation

Your helmet of salvation is essential. It is what grounds you in the kingdom. The hardest, most devastating attacks of the enemy will come not so much to your body but to your mind, and it’s interesting that there is a specific piece of armor to protect your head. Continue reading

Salvation Comes With Armor

what is the armor of God

The Armor of God

When we are saved, we are given everything that we need to live full and happy lives, to be useful to the kingdom, and bless God. If that is not happening, then we haven’t connected with what we’ve been given. Salvation comes with full armor.
Continue reading