Walk Out The Gospel Of Peace

the gospel of peace

shoes of peace

Your boots as the gospel of peace is an interesting piece of armor. You need your feet protected because the gospel is meant to be shared. You’re meant to hit the streets with it. 

This gospel is good news. Think about it. God made heaven and earth just so you could live in amazing fellowship with Him. He put all authority in your hands to do good on the earth. He promises to answer when you call and give you the desires of your heart. He is preparing the a place beyond imagination for you to come home to one day. Now that’s good news.

Is that something you can share? Can you help someone struggling with addiction, a broken home, a shattered dream? God and fix anything. He can mend hearts and heal the sick. He can be all that we need Him to be.

Don’t be afraid to share what is good and eternal. This gospel of peace is what saves you. Walk it out. Live it fully. You will be the only Jesus that many will ever see. Keep your feet protected and you will bless everyone who hears the good news from you. This armor is guaranteed to never wear out.


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