Your Helmet Protects Your Thoughts

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helmet of salvation

Your helmet of salvation is essential. It is what grounds you in the kingdom. The hardest, most devastating attacks of the enemy will come not so much to your body but to your mind, and it’s interesting that there is a specific piece of armor to protect your head.

You are transformed by the renewing of your mind. (Rom 12:2) That’s what the helmet does–it changes the way we think when we accept Christ. We put off the old way and put on the new. We may be tempted by the old ways, but if our hearts belong to Jesus, we don’t want to do anything to disobey Him.

When we live under the shadow of His wings, we are protected from the lies of the enemy. Our thoughts are protected. We start to hear the Spirit with new ears and see with new eyes.

I think some people have their helmet on backwards. They believe for salvation, but refuse to believe in the Spirit, so they can’t see or hear as they should. You can walk into a lot of potholes that way. It’s a dangerous way to live.

Your helmet is your first piece of armor. Keep it safe and guard it with your life.

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