Salvation Comes With Armor

what is the armor of God

The Armor of God

When we are saved, we are given everything that we need to live full and happy lives, to be useful to the kingdom, and bless God. If that is not happening, then we haven’t connected with what we’ve been given. Salvation comes with full armor.

Waistband of truth.

Breastplate of righteousness.

Boots of the gospel of peace.

Shield of faith.

Helmet of salvation.

Sword of the word of God.

These are not chosen randomly. There are specific pieces of armor to shield and protect. And we need them. Lacking any one of these will affect your life and those around you. But put them all on, and you’ll stand strong. You’ll even have an offensive weapon to do some damage with.

I believe that as we grow from grace to grace, line upon line, precept upon precept, that we gain more weapons and better armor. Once we prove that we are responsible and mature in hearing the voice of God, I believe that He hands us a lance, a bow and arrow, a catapult. We become more and more offensive. And our protective armor gets stronger because the enemy will target anyone attacking with authority.

We’ll look at each of the pieces of armor and see just how amazing they are. Be equipped, and be awesome in the kingdom.


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