Who Is God?

tell me about God

God is everything that we need

I don’t want to get metaphysical, but God is not easy to describe. But in one sense, it is easy. Think of everything that is good, and awesome, and beautiful, wrap it up into one big package, then magnify it a zillion times. That  probably describes God’s left pinky finger.

We’ve been lied to. God is not sitting on a cloud with bolts of lightning looking for people to smite. If anything, He’s looking for people to smite with love–great big jolts of blessing. God made it all, everything. He is beyond our comprehension, yet He is Emmanuel with us.

It was His idea to create a world where we would live together with Him in peace and joy. That’s what this is all about. That’s why we’re here. God is everything that we need. He said to trust Him, and not be afraid because He has a plan. His plan is perfect for us because no one knows us better.

God is good. He is kind. He is completely filled with love for us. He is magnificent, and funny, and supremely holy. He is our best friend, the smartest Person ever, and a wonderful Father. God is. He always will be. And He’s asking us to live in the kingdom He made just for us.


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