The Difference Between Conviction And Condemnation

Conviction helps us get closer to God.

Conviction helps us get closer to God.

It’s important to be sensitive to God’s Spirit so we hear Him when He tells us about things that need to be cleaned up in our lives. That’s called conviction. Conviction points to those areas of sin that we need to get rid of. We actually know about them. They’re usually not a big surprise, we just have to admit that we need to change. Conviction brings us closer to God as we clean out those bad areas.

However, the enemy loves to mess with us and whisper in our ears that our past sin is beyond redemption. He says that God is mad at us and would never forgive us for that. He brings condemnation to rub our nose in our failure. It’s the same sin that God convicts us of, but the enemy will make us feel terrible instead of bringing us closer to God. Condemnation makes us hide from God because we think that God is mad at us.

Nothing could be further from the truth. God loves us now, just as we are. The only reason He convicts us of sin is to draw us closer to Him so we receive more blessing. He doesn’t want to punish us. He wants to clean us up and give us peace. Conviction is a good thing.

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