The Kingdom Of Heaven May Look Insignificant From The Outside

The kingdom of God is like a pearl of great price.

The kingdom of God is like a pearl of great price.

Jesus described the kingdom of heaven in some unusual ways. It’s like a man who sowed good seed in his field while the enemy sowed in weeds. It’s like a mustard seed. It’s like leaven which a woman put in her bread dough. It’s like a treasure hidden in field. It’s like a merchant looking for beautiful pearls. It’s like a fishing net that catches good fish and bad fish. It’s like a king who wanted to settle accounts with his servants. It’s like a landowner who hired laborers for the day. It’s like ten virgin who lit their lamps for the bridegroom.

It’s like…what? Jesus, just tell us, what is the kingdom of heaven like! Well, He did. It’s not a kingdom like anyone expected. He didn’t build a castle and go to war. He offered Himself up to die. He didn’t create an empire where the haves rule over the have-nots. He put His Spirit inside us. He rules from within.

The kingdom of God is so unusual that it defies logic. How can a kingdom be inside of people? How can it be ten virgins who lite lamps for their wedding? Jesus told so many stories that seemed unrelated, but really described facets of the kingdom, like turning a diamond in the sun.

The kingdom of God looks insignificant because it’s not flashy. It’s plain and humble. And yet, when this humble kingdom is accepted, it grows roots and becomes huge and strong. It grows up and around everyone. Some are changed by it and some are not. There will be a time of weeding, but for now, the weeds left to grow as they will.

The pearl merchant is like the ones who are looking for more. Because they are hungry for the things of the Spirit, they will find great treasure. The five smart virgins are the ones who constantly keep their lamps filled, like those who seek God daily for more anointing. They will meet the Bridegroom in glory. The leaven is like the small acts of kindness and goodness that affect the lives of people who are hungry for truth.

The kingdom of God cannot be described easily, and yet it can be described simply. It is unassuming and yet powerful beyond belief. It is available to everyone, but only the wise will find it. It is free and of priceless worth. It is the peculiar plan of God to bring a people to Himself.

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