We Are Friends And Family–Get Help When You Need It

We are meant to help each otherGet help when you need it. I don’t care who you are, if you are the pastor or the leader, everyone runs out of steam at some point. The worst thing is to retreat into exhaustion and stew in your miseries. Exhaustion will come, but you don’t have suffer through it alone.

We are a family. The reason Jesus said the commandment to love your neighbor as yourself was second only to loving God is because His plan for us is to live in family, community — to help each other when we need it.

But people may not be aware of your need. You have to be open enough to ask for help. Go to the ones you trust. Allow them to minister to you. If they can hear God for you, you may get the exact encouragement that you need.

That’s the wonderful part of our family. If we can’t hear God ourselves, because of stress, pain, whatever, the people who love us can. Let them help you. Let them love you. Take the step that you need to take to allow your friends to do what you need them to do. You will all be blessed in the process.

Later on, you will be able to see the signs in other people who need your help. You will know how to pray and be there for them. That’s what friends do.


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