The Real Meaning Of Peace

Trusting God is the secret to peace and contentmentPaul gives an extraordinary explanation for his ability to live in peace. I have learned in whatever state I am, to be content. (Phil 4:11) This is not an area that we are familiar with. We are always pressed to do more, go higher, be better than we are. Should we not? Weeeellll, yes and no. There’s a balance between expectancy and contentment that, like Paul, we have to learn.

Contentment comes with our close relationship with God. When we know Him, when we talk and commune with Him on a daily basis, we know that He has us completely in His hand. We trust Him for the things that pop up that we don’t understand. It’s easy to be content, even when what we have is not what we’d like, because we know that God has our best in mind for us.

If we don’t live closely with God, we don’t have that trust and contentment is elusive. We’re always second guessing ourselves and wondering how to make our lives better. There’s no faith in that. There will never be peace in that.

True peace comes with knowing that God is taking care of us. Rich or poor, He will take care of our needs. To the extent that we trust Him, He will bless us. Learn to trust God and you will learn to be content.


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