Everyone Is Gifted In Something

God has given everyone something to be good at.

God has given everyone something to be good at.

God made everyone unique and awesome. We all have talents and skills, gifts to work in some area. Stop it. I can hear you from here. Yes, you do too have talents and gifts. You can do things that I can’t, and I can do things that you can’t. Don’t assume that your gifts have to be spiritual in nature. You have those as well—all the gifts of the Spirit, but what God put in you is unique.

We assume that our gifts must have to do with some kind of ministry. I don’t believe that they do. What if you are a great dog trainer? What if you are a fantastic cook? A math wiz? A master gardener? God isn’t just interested in what happens on Sunday morning. He’s interested in every area of our lives.

I believe that God gives us special talents to make us good at what we do, regardless of it being “spiritual” or not. Don’t dismiss your talents because there’s not a ministry for what you do. A gift is a gift and God has given you talents that you can excel in, so excel away and thank Him for what you have. What if you don’t  know what your area of gifting is yet? Try things that sound interesting and see what happens.


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