There Are No Second Class Citizens In Heaven

You are a royal son or daughter of the great King.

You are a royal son or daughter of the great King.

God does not have grandchildren and there are no second class citizens in heaven. Salvation through Christ makes us sons and daughters adopted into His family. That makes us royals. The fact that you may not feel like it, does not alter the reality of it.

How would you live if you knew you were the royal son or daughter of the greatest King ever to live? The position comes with some perks and lots of responsibility. The perks are all the blessings of heaven. That’s a major perk. Plus, Jesus has given us His name to use. That’s more power than you can imagine.

But what will you do with this position? You are responsible to represent your Father to the world, to be His heart, to do His works. That’s why Jesus has allowed us to use His name, so we can heal the sick and deliver people from bondage.  Can you imagine this world if every son and daughter of the King lived out of that royal mindset? If all of us used the authority we’ve been given to rescue people who need our help? It would be an amazing place to live.

It’s time to start living like we’re supposed to. We’ve got a world to change.

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