Learn to Live Like an Heir

Learn to pray from heaven

We need to live as heirs with Jesus

If we are seated in heavenly places in Christ Jesus, shouldn’t our prayers be with God, not to God? Shouldn’t that change our perspective on how we live? If we live as heirs with Christ, we should pray from heaven, not to heaven.

When we are filled with the Holy Spirit, we have an amazing ability to hear the heart of God and pray into what God wants to do. That’s completely different from begging from an earthly perspective. If we are pleading for God to hear us, then we are not living in the place of redemption that is ours through the blood of Christ.

Our new position in the heavenlies allows us to declare victory with authority, because we carry the DNA of our Father. When we allow God to renew our minds and live in our rightful position, we will see victories where we never saw before.

Jesus handed the kingdom to us. We need to live as if we belong there. We need to connect with the heart of God and listen to His direction and respond as sons and daughters, not strangers begging for favors. Your understanding of your inheritance will determine your victories.

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