How Valuable Do You Think Are You?

You are a royal son or daughter.

You are a royal son or daughter.

A healthy self-esteem is important to have . If you were never told how wonderful you are growing up, then you probably have a poor self-esteem. You may expect less of yourself and for yourself. You may not value the blessings of God if you don’t think you deserve them.  That would be a huge mistake.

So just consider how valuable the son or daughter of a king is. Now consider that the king is the King of Kings. His sons and daughters are His greatest delight. This isn’t just an exercise in self-esteem, this is the real deal. You actually are God’s greatest delight. You are His highest joy.

Do not allow the enemy to tell you anything different. You deserve the greatest blessings because your Father delights to give them to you. You don’t have to earn them, just receive them. It’s even OK to ask for more. Your Father loves you so much, He’s happy to bless you with more.

Don’t move on until you fully grasp how much God loves you and dotes on you. You have to know who you are–a royal heir, a much beloved son or daughter of God. That makes you pretty special.

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