Humility Keeps Your Heart Soft

Humility keeps your heart soft.

Humility keeps your heart soft.

Pride is a very dangerous attitude. We think we’re right. We know we’re right. We hate it when other’s don’t see it. Pride makes it hard to admit error. It makes it hard to admit that someone else may be right. Every time we refuse to let someone else win, a hard layer covers our heart like shellac. Time after time when our pride gets in the way of kindness or generosity, another layer goes down. Soon, we have a thick shell that nothing can get through.

Humility keeps our heart soft and pliable. Humility allows us to admit when we’re wrong. It celebrates others’ victories and reaches out in love. Humility not only does not cover our heart with hardness, it opens us to the deep things of God that we can’t learn any other way. There are lessons from heaven that only the humble heart will be able to hear.

If you know that your heart is hard, ask God to forgive you. Confess your pride and ask Jesus to take it from you. Ask Him to give you a humble, pliable heart that will respond to His voice. It’s never too late for humility.

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