Hypocrisy At Home In My Heart

God, please fix my brokeness.

But why do you call Me Lord, Lord, and do not do the things which I say? (Lk 6:45) Suddenly this verse stabs at my heart. I am so guilty. Give to everyone who asks of you. (LK 6:30) How many times have I walked past someone asking for change, turning my head in time to avoid their eyes? Love my enemies? I can’t even feel nice about being inconvenienced at the grocery store. When I look at the mirror that the Lord holds up to me, I don’t see the heart of kindness that He is. I see a heart that is selfish as a two-year-old. I get angry at people. I get offended. I remember offences. That is not the heart that God wants to see in me.

The good news is that the Lord knows who I am and what I am capable of, both good and bad. He knows and He still has delightful promises and destiny for me. He is forever forgiving and willing to change me if I let Him. Oh, how I want Him to. I repent of living outside of His amazing will. If I call Him Lord, I have to do the things He said to do. I have to act in kindness all the time. It is my goal and my heart’s desire for Him to change my heart to be like His.


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