Learning To Love Others Requires Your Willingness

Learn to love as God loves.Our capacity to love other people comes from God. We have to connect with His love or we’ll never love with the depth that we’re called to. We have to see people through His eyes, and He sees everyone as His precious ones.

Think about the people in your life that you love the most — a spouse, a baby, a dear friend, or even a pet. You love them more than anyone. They truly are precious to you. Now think about the strangers at the grocery store that you pass by without a second look. They are precious. They are dear souls that God loves and wants in the kingdom.

To see other people, whether you know them or not, as precious to you as they are to God takes a willingness to love deeply. You have to want to, it won’t just happen. Press into the love that God has for you and allow Him to soften your heart. Ask Him to give you His eyes and His heart. Ask Him to help you love.

Loving others will be the great key that opens all of heaven for you. Be kind. Be nice. But, above all, love His precious ones.

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