When All Else Fails — God Is Still With You

Trust God and He'll work it out for you.Sometimes your plans fall apart, the opposite happens, or real tragedy hits. That doesn’t mean that God has forsaken you. It just means that you didn’t know what was going to happen. It also doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re wrong about something.

David was anointed king. He was clearly in God’s favor, but then spent the next several years running for his life. He didn’t do anything wrong. Paul was shipwrecked, stoned, imprisoned, and eventually killed. He didn’t do anything wrong.

Stuff is going to happen. No one said that problems would go away when you become a Christian. In fact, they can intensify. The enemy hates our walk with the Lord and will work against us at every turn.

It’s a good thing to ask God if there is something that you do need to repent for or adjust in your life. Be obedient. But if you are and still find yourself in the middle of trouble, God is with you. He’s there to give you the grace that you need. He will help you in the middle of problems. He will be your peace when there is none. Learn to walk in His joy and trust Him with all the issues. He promises to work them out for us. And God doesn’t lie.

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