The Easy Test To Tell How Patient And Kind You Are

Patience, kindness, and self-control are all belong to us when we have when the Spirit of God living inside us. Want to know how well you operate in them? Pay attention to how you treat other drivers when you drive.

Your driving will show your kindness.For some reason, when we are behind the wheel of a car, we feel justified in voicing, and/or showing, some pretty ugly attitudes when we don’t like how other drivers behave around us. Kindness should become second nature to us. Being behind the wheel, or on the phone with customer service, should not dictate how we treat people. Even if we don’t voice our bad feelings, we should not be thinking them either.

We’ve been given the Holy Spirit to shine through us, but you must be engaged with Him for that to happen. You have to want Him to change you from the inside. You have to want to be kind, patient, self-controlled. Ask Him. Then thank Him for what He has already done in you. You can continue to be changed everyday. Never stop pressing in to be more and more like Jesus.

Pretty soon you’ll realize that you’ve been driving in traffic in perfect peace, and it will be a miracle from God that changed you! We need more drivers like that.

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