Mean People Take Some Training To Respond To

Not the right way to respond.

Have you ever had to deal with someone you really didn’t want to? Maybe they are mean and rude. Does your first reaction sound like Grrrr? Note to self: wrong reaction. This kind takes some training on your part. You have to purposely decide to respond in love. Whoops! Yes, I said love.

Learn to not respond immediately. Training takes time to rethink the situation. Love does not respond in rudeness. Whether you feel genuinely loving or not, bless the person. Make the effort to bless them in all the areas that are obvious to you. That alone will calm you down and help readjust your spiritual priorities. It may be difficult every single time, or it may get easier as your blessings take hold of them.

Learning to bless the mean ones makes blessing the nice ones even better. Pretty soon, your response will be in alignment with God’s grace for us. Ask Him to help you respond in kindness. We all need help to do that. Confess if you’ve allowed an ugly spirit to compromise your peace. Get rid of anything that does not belong to God.

Training yourself to respond to others in a godly way will mark you in the kingdom as someone God can trust to touch anyone He sends your way.


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