Regret Should Be A Memory, Not A Way Of Life

Let go of regret. God does.Do you ever think about regrets you have about your life? Everyone one has them, especially parents. Everyone thinks back on decisions that were made and wonders what things would be like if that decision didn’t happen. That’s because we’re human. We’re not made to be perfect or robotic. We are designed to make mistakes. And mistakes aren’t always the end of the world.

God loves us beyond measure. He loves us completely, warts and all. He sees our past and our future and loves us unconditionally. And the destiny that He made for each of us was made with all our mistakes in mind. We haven’t ruined anything. God can redeem our worst decisions.

That should be a very comforting thought. It means that we should not hold onto regrets, because God does not. We need to give them to God and let Him fix what we cannot. If regret still nags you, then confess it to God. Let Him heal that wound and bless you with what He wants to give you. Being human is not a sin. How we respond to our humanity can be. Fear not — that’s a command. Let go of regret. Let go of fear and let God bless and guide you. He loves you enough to see past your mistakes.


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