You Are A History Make Whether You Like It Or Not

Your life effects everyone around you.You are a history maker, whether you think so or not. Everything you do effects your life, the lives of people around you, and how it all fits together for the future. You actions, or lack of action, creates a ripple the extends out through time. You don’t have to be a statesman to effect tremendous change. The question is, will it be for good or bad?

To effect change for good, we need to have the mind of Christ. If the Spirit of God is within you to hear His voice, you can make decisions that He is directing. Think about it — everything you do can be the right thing. Yes, we are human, and we will make mistakes, but God can still work with that. Being submissive to His will and His voice gives us the direction and inspiration that we need to release the kingdom of God on earth.

What if your encouragement is all that is needed for someone especially marked by God to change nations? What happens if you don’t do it? Will God use someone else? Who knows? What if your life is such an example of righteousness that you impress people who may never speak to you about it? What you say and don’t say can be vitally important to the destiny of lives you know nothing about.

There is some pressure on us to be righteous beyond our personal needs and wants. We are connected to people, places, and nations. Listen to God and change history today. You have no idea how you will be used.


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