Still Human, Part 1

Being human is human

How many of you think that once you became a Christian you would become a better person? You became a new creature. Your mind is renewed in Christ. As a Christian, you should stop behaving badly, right? I know, you think this is a trick question. It is and it isn’t. We do become new creatures and when we give our weaknesses to Jesus, He strengthens us and protects us through temptations. But He knows we will fail sometimes.

Salvation was never a promise to remove our humanity. God does not expect us to be perfect, He expects repentance. We gave our lives to Jesus at the cross, so it is our responsibility to live the way He asks us to, but when we fail, we are responsible to repent and ask forgiveness. That’s what grace is all about. It doesn’t give us license to be a jerk, but it does take the pressure off the perfection we think we’re supposed to carry. That’s a heavy load!

God is looking for people who will admit mistakes and humbly ask for forgiveness. He’s interested in how you deal with both success and failure. The way you respond when you know you’ve blown it shapes the way God will lead you in the future.


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