Thankfulness Positions You for Blessing

being thankful

A thankful heart positions you for blessing.

Cultivate thankfulness. Thankfulness is an aspect of humility and the foundation for developing a servant’s heart. We live in such a driven world that┬áthankfulness is easily cast aside as we try to get things done.

Thankfulness will protect against pride, and pride is the ruin of so many lives. When you are thankful, you recognize the good things that God is doing for you out of love. When Jesus healed the ten lepers, only one returned to give thanks. Weren’t there ten?, Jesus asked. He expected thankfulness from all of them for what He did.

When you are thankful for the small things, God will trust your heart for the bigger things. If you don’t respond gratefully for what He does, don’t expect more. It won’t happen until you recognize that thankfulness hasn’t been a part of your natural response.

Thankfulness is not about feeling guilty about Jesus’ sacrifice. He did it out of love. Receive it with joy. Be thankful for His blessing, for His goodness, for all the plans He has for you if you press in to believe. Be thankful for His promises, even though you can’t see them yet. Thank Him as if they were already done. Stop begging and asking and thank Him. It’s part of faith to believe for what He will do and gives you hope.

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