Thanksgiving Takes Sacrifice And Humility

Give thanks and stay humble.

Give thanks and stay humble.

It’s interesting that most of the references to thanksgiving in the Old Testament refer to sacrifices of thanksgiving. Under the law, there was no concept of grace, so thankfulness had to be ordained. And it had to cost something.

Thankfulness should cost something, in that it should be genuine. Speaking lip service doesn’t convince anyone. It must be heartfelt. It comes from the humility to know that we are in God’s hands and every blessing comes from Him.

A sacrifice of thanksgiving is done with intention. It is a realization that what we’ve been given cannot come to us any other way except through grace. It is full of love and respect for those who deserve it, and always to God.

Everyday is a good day to stop and ask God if there is something that you need to be thankful for that you have not acknowledged. Be thankful. It will keep you humble and grateful, and that will be the means for God to bless you with all that you need.


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