The Courage Of Your Convictions

Take Him at His word.

There’s a difference between believing in God and listening to Him. Having knowledge is not the same as having a personal relationship. Go back to Eden and remember why we were created. God wants to be our friend. He wants to be in our lives and take care of us. He promises to do so if we let Him. But whoever listens to Me will dwell safely, and will be secure, without fear of evil. (Prov 1:33)

The secular world has no idea how this works and mocks anyone who claims to have faith. Don’t allow the opinions of others to make you doubt God’s perfect plan for you. If you develop ears to hear and spend time listening to Him, you will have peace and security that others around you will not have. They may mock, but they will also be insecure and fearful. Don’t live through the opinions of other people. Live through the convictions that you have based on who God is and what He promised for you.


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