Familiarity Kills

Get off the beaten path.

I noticed recently that the shortcut I take across my lawn to get to the mailbox is starting to make a path in the grass. It’s not a good thing for the lawn. Now I have to consciously walk next to the direct way to the mailbox or walk around the driveway to keep the lawn alive.

We can do the same thing with God. If we read this many chapters, God will be pleased. If we sing three songs and pray, He will honored. Maybe so, but routine also kills the spirit. We need to listen to what He is saying and follow Him. His ways are above our ways so they don’t always make sense to us, but they are always better than what we thought.

Learn to listen, pay attention, see what He’s trying to show you and teach you that is outside of your normal devotion. He has so many facets that reflect His personality that He can change how He speaks to you everyday and never repeat Himself, forever. I can’t even suggest how He would have you change-up your routine with Him, because it could be so very different for everyone. Just stop and consider. Let Him speak to your heart. It will help you develop your listening skills take you to places in the Spirit that you haven’t been before.


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