The Story Of A Dog

Know your place in the Kingdom.

A friend of mine told me a story recently that made me realize a great lesson. Someone in Korea had a puppy that was a mix of a Korean breed and wolf. It looked like a Husky. Once when the puppy was out somewhere, a Chihuahua tried to play with it, barking at it to get its attention, but the puppy ignored it. It wouldn’t even look at the Chihuahua. The owner asked someone why the puppy would ignore other dogs and was told it was because of the wolf breed that it carried. Even as a little puppy, it understood its pecking order in the world. He didn’t consider himself a “dog”. Dogs were beneath him in social standing and he knew it.

What a great lesson. If we can live like this puppy and understand our position in the kingdom of God, we would over come so many obstacles that confront us. We are princes and princesses in God’s house. Sickness, poverty, resentment, fear, judgement – we are to exercise our authority over them and dismiss them out of our lives. Our place in the pecking order is above anything that rises up against the will of God. That includes arrogance. Royalty in God’s house requires kindness and love.

The puppy understood so much that we need to learn about the Kingdom that we live in. Imagine living in that kind of authority with a heart of love. The kind of love that speaks to sickness and commands it to leave so suffering must end. The kind of love that speaks to fear and commands it to leave so peace can rule and reign. The kind of love that gives itself without demanding return. When I think about this, it makes me feel grateful, and tall.


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