Why Was I Born?

A good soul search will help you find God

Such a big question: Why was I born? It’s deep, it’s thought-provoking, and very simple. I was born to live with God. He made a garden to live with Adam, but when that plan fell apart, He made another way to be with us through the cross. He wants honest fellowship so He gave us free will. This life is the trial that will determine whether we want to live with Him or not.

It’s taken me a lifetime to realize just how amazing His plan is. I grew up going to Sunday School and never in my adult life have I not been in church. But I was living high on the sanctimonious scale. I knew my Bible verses and sang in the choir and never missed a Sunday. But when my life hit tough times, I was alone in my fear and desperation. God was not with me because I was not with Him. (Ok, that’s not true, God is always with me, but I wasn’t aware of Him because I didn’t really trust Him.)

It took me years to understand that God’s word is true. When He says to trust Him in all things, He means it and expects me to believe it with my whole life. When I started to get my head around that, my life changed. I began to see Him not as the Great God of the White Throne Judgment, but the amazing, wonderful, Friend, Comforter, Savior who has my very best interest close to His heart. I can embrace the unsearchable riches of Christ every day and learn to love Him more.


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