The Key To Hearing The Answers You’ve Been Waiting For

Worship lets you hear God.

Worship lets you hear God.

Are you waiting for an answer to prayer? Maybe the reason you haven’t heard back is because you’re stressed about the situation. It may be a serious issue that you have to deal with.

I have a suggestion that might help. Worship God. Really worship Him. Sing songs, praise Him, declare His goodness. Stay in that environment of His presence for a while so you feel His peace. Be still and know that He is God. Then listen with your heart.

Our petitions made to Him in a joyful, praised-filled heart are easily heard. It reminds us of how big He is. We force ourselves to stop looking at our issues and focus on Him. That’s the real key to getting prayers answered. You’re welcome.

That time of worship will open up heaven not only for the answers you’ve been waiting for, but for the things that God wants to communicate to you. It’s your direct connection with Him that He’s waiting for. Try it. It will change your prayer life.


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