Prayer Is Not Manipulation

the power of prayerI think God understands that we have desperate prayers. In fact, we tend to turn to Him with the really hard stuff, the stuff that is desperate.Read the first chapter of my book Crucible Heart I think He also understands our frustration and sadness when we don’t see what we want to see happen, but He can sometimes be firm in how He will answer–His way.

When we pray in desperation, we give God all the steps He needs to take to do what we want. We decide what the answer should look like and when it should happen. We declare in great faith that God will move immediately because we believe, and we can be crushed when it doesn’t happen.

The part about great faith is in trusting God with everything. That includes all the small stuff. That includes the way He will answer and His timing.¬†Answered¬†pray starts to happen when you take your hands off and rest in the fact that God knows everything and has a plan for what is needed. Rest–as in stop worrying or trying to strong-arm God in to doing anything.

He may answer exactly the way you asked, but only when you let Him do it anyway He wants. Or, He may answer in a different, better way. Desperation is another word of fear. Once you go there, your faith goes out the door. Give it to God, then rest in the peace that He has it. He will not disappoint.



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