Living Psalm 23

the psalm 23I love that God prepares a table for me in the presence of my enemies. It doesn’t matter what is going on around me, God and I are having a feast. The enemy can snarl and threaten all he wants, but I will enjoy myself, because I happen to know that God has exquisite taste in everything, so this feast will be awesome. 

My cup runs over with new wine. And when it spills off the table, the enemy backs up as fast as he can because he doesn’t want anything that God has blessed to touch him.  I am living in the house of the Lord with goodness and mercy. There’s just nothing not to love. My eyes will always be on the One I love, even as I step past the traps of deception set for me.  He will lead me and guide me and be my very best friend for ever.

I am blessed because I trust Him with my whole life. I put my love for Him above everything. I will sit and listen to Him by the hour, because I can’t get enough. He makes me thirsty, then He fills me with living water. I am sheltered under the shadow of His wings and surrounded with favor.

He is my Lord, my Shepherd, and my King. And He calls me His beloved.


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