Remembering Emmanuel

Prayer should be a day long conversation.

One area that I know I have trouble in is praying without ceasing. (1Thes 5:17) I think most people would admit it too. It’s just too easy to be caught up in the things that make up our day. It’s not that we live sinful lives, or we don’t want to remember God always, but we have jobs to do and they require our full attention.

It is with humility that I remember Emmanuel. God is always with me. Always. He never ceases to think of me. He has plans for me and blessings I can’t begin to imagine. The failure to communicate is not on His part.

I believe that the Holy Spirit will partner with me to pray more. By this I mean that I will ask Him to remind me during the day to stop and talk. Praying is conversation. I need to talk to Him about my day, my thoughts, my goals, my concerns for other people. The other end of that conversation is listening. He wants me to hear Him as much as He wants to hear from me. If He nudges me for my attention, I want to stop and listen. Maybe He knows a better way to work the spreadsheet or sew the hem. I believe that He’s concerned about the things I have to do and He probably knows the best ways to do them. I’ll listen to that. Because I stop to listen to what He says about earthly things, I can hear Him better when He talks about heavenly things.

Holy Spirit, I ask you to make Your presence known to me all day long. Nudge me when I drift way from that reality. Pull me back to remembering Emmanuel. I know You never leave me, but help me to not forget you. Help me be obedient to pray always.


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