When Is It Ok To Quit?

How long have you been praying about that loved one to be saved, a new job, health? Six months? Two years? Fifteen years? How long do you keep asking? If it hasn’t happened by now, will it ever? Who will you listen to Job or Job’s wife? Job’s wife told him to give it up already. All she saw was the evil that came into Job’s life and it didn’t look like any changes were coming. But Job was a man made of different stuff. He knew God. He knew that God could and should be trusted, despite the circumstances. You haven’t seen your breakthrough yet, but that doesn’t mean that God shouldn’t be trusted. If you can’t trust Him, what can you trust in? Don’t stop believing. You may be discouraged, that’s normal, but don’t stop believing. The waiting will be worth it. The answer will be more than you asked for because you believed for so long. How serious are you about seeing it happen?

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