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Does God Talk To Children

hear from God

God Talks To Children Too

You would be astonished at how clearly children hear from God. Once they have been trained to listen, by understanding the concepts described in How Can I Hear From God, they hear Him with remarkable clarity. It’s easy for them because they have not learned to doubt. They don’t have the years of negative teaching the most adults have to let go of. They pick up the ability with an almost casual ease. They are not afraid to recognize silly things as the voice of God where an adult would dismiss them.

There’s a sweetness to how children relate to God and I think that God is delighted by that. They take the concept of hearing God’s voice very seriously, and adults should too. They need to be taught the guidelines of speaking prophetically, but then they love it. Some of the most stunning prophetic words I’ve ever had were given to me by children.

Training children to hear God is the best way to ensure life and health to the future church. For excellent material on training children to hear God, check out http://www.iTreasures.org/.

How Can I Hear From God? Part 2

God can talk through cirumstances

God has many ways of talking to us

What are other ways that God talks to us? Through other people. And that can be anybody, not just other Christians or people you think have the ear of God. Any conversation can trigger your spirit to pay attention. A random comment might confirm something that you heard before.

Pay attention if different people happen to say the same things to you. You might hear from God through something you heard on TV, an email, or a billboard. God has access to everything and He’s pretty creative about using it. It’s easy to pass off His communication as coincidence, so think before you ignore it. Change your perspective from He doesn’t talk to me to He’s always talking to me. Next post, some more ways He communicates.

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