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Are We Robbing God In Our Worship?

Worship should be about God not me.

Something has been bothering me about our worship songs for some time. When I look back at the old hymns, I see such a difference from the worship songs that we sing today, and I don’t mean just style. The hymns spoke of God’s holiness, His grace, and magnificence. The catchy songs we sing today are about our response┬áto His love and what we want Him to do in us. They are “me” directed not God directed. That bothers me. I don’t want to sing about myself, I want to praise Him. If the song is about my feelings or what I want, I feel like I’m robbing God of real praise. I love the songs that give Him total focus – complete praise, total worship. It’s not about me, it’s about Him. And I don’t want to sing “it’s not about me”, because it’s still about me. I want to cut straight to it’s all about Him. I can get lost in that, then He can be what He wants to be in me without me having to ask.