Are We Robbing God In Our Worship?

Worship should be about God not me.

Something has been bothering me about our worship songs for some time. When I look back at the old hymns, I see such a difference from the worship songs that we sing today, and I don’t mean just style. The hymns spoke of God’s holiness, His grace, and magnificence. The catchy songs we sing today are about our response┬áto His love and what we want Him to do in us. They are “me” directed not God directed. That bothers me. I don’t want to sing about myself, I want to praise Him. If the song is about my feelings or what I want, I feel like I’m robbing God of real praise. I love the songs that give Him total focus – complete praise, total worship. It’s not about me, it’s about Him. And I don’t want to sing “it’s not about me”, because it’s still about me. I want to cut straight to it’s all about Him. I can get lost in that, then He can be what He wants to be in me without me having to ask.

9 thoughts on “Are We Robbing God In Our Worship?

  1. Dawn

    Hi Diana,
    I attend a contemporary Methodist service and we have a band. I don’t feel the songs are “me”-centered. The songs tell of God’s glory, his mercy, his love, etc.

    Perhaps the real issue is just preference of music style. I don’t think God feels short-changed from any person who is honestly and whole-heartedly worshiping and praising Him. The words don’t really matter.

    Just my two cents. Not a criticism of your post at all. Several years ago, our church went through a lot of anger and pain over inserting 1-2 contemp songs into the Traditional Service. I still can’t believe how hateful some of the people were…all over music and words.

    Blessings to you.

  2. Diana Symons

    Hi Dawn. I’m not anti-contemporary music at all. And I’m not a traditionalist. I like both. I just love the songs that focus on God and not what I want Him to do for me. But you’re right, getting your feelings hurt because of style is counterproductive to worship itself. Go at it headfirst and full of abandon. Worship is a great time to soar.

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