What Could Be God’s Treasure?

We think about God owning everything because He made it all. What could possibly of great value to Him? The fear of the Lord is His treasure. Isaiah 33:6 The literal translation of fear is respect, reverence, piety. Wow. Our reverence for Him is something He cherishes like diamonds and find gold. That completely blows away any image we might have of Him smiling benignly at us like some benevolent old man who wishes us well or an angry God who is counting all our sins. This is an image of Someone receiving our worship with great respect and value. I think that “fear of the Lord” actually goes back to worshiping God with our whole heart – all our heart, all our soul, and all our strength. That’s the treasure He values. Anything less is salt that has lost is saltiness, dust. It makes me happy to think that when I give Him my heart full of praise, He receives it with pleasure and joy and stores it up as a fine treasure.

2 thoughts on “What Could Be God’s Treasure?

  1. Dawn

    Diana, I think that we are his treasure (though sometimes I wonder why he didn’t give up on us long ago) and that we delight him when we do worship fully and also when we turn to him for guidance instead of doing things our own way. When we are in His will, I think he is most pleased.

    Wonderful post.


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