Things I Should Have Done By The Time I’m 80

This is just for the archives. You know, the file you go through and look at all the bizarre ideas you had back in the day, before this happened and that happened and all those ideas went out the window? Not exactly a bucket list, but stuff I’d like to see happen. When I first thought about it, I thought it was a little narcissistic, but come on, every writer wants her books to go global, every actor wants the gold statue, and every IT guy wants the robot award.

So here goes: Nobel Prize for Literature. That’s it. I figure I should be able to knock that off by the time I’m 80. Maybe twice, I’m not that old. Do they give more than one to the same person? Alright, I’ll break ground. I mean seriously, if you’re going to do something, shoot for works. Why compromise and settle for the Pulitzer? I’ll take one of those too, thank you very much. If you’re talking hobbies, I understand not having high falutin goals, but if this is it, if this is what you wake up to do everyday, baby do it! And be good at it. Writer, thy name is Excellence. Aren’t you just a little sick of drivel? We’re so used to being polite that we’ve accepted mediocrity as the norm. I’m not just talking about writing either. I mean everywhere. It’s so wonderful to see something done well. It’s the amen to a holy sunset. So worth it.

Write on my friends, and write well. I’ll see you in Stockholm.

1 thought on “Things I Should Have Done By The Time I’m 80

  1. Erick Reinstedt

    Hi Diana! I am so glad to have found your blog. I look forward to staying current with your thoughts. Even if you don’t get the Nobel, you know that Jesus has great accolades for you in Heaven as you glorify Him with your works! You are a gifted writer and we are glad our family has discovered your books. Whatever you do, do for His glory and excellence will be the result of it as we lay our best at His feet. God bless you. We are proud of you!
    Erick, Mary Ann, Bethany, and Abigail Reinstedt


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