When Words Have Oomph!

The Word of God is the most powerful force in the universe. He spoke creation into existence and it hasn’t stopped. He made man in His image and breathed life into him—the breath of His Word. Whether we know it or not, our words have a force of power to them as well. “Death and life are in the power of the tongue…” (Proverbs 18:21).

Stick and stones will break my bones, but words will never hurt me. Not so. Words can speak life or death, spoken or written. God has given us something of Himself, the power to speak and force that goes with it. As writers, we have to use that gift honorably. When we write, we hope that our work will go out to generations. What will we put in those open, innocent hands? Words of life, or death? Our brains are funny things. When we watch movies or read a book, our brain is tricked into believing that the entertainment is real. We feel fear, surprise, anguish. That’s why we love stories. We like embracing experiences we wouldn’t otherwise encounter. So will we give our readers food for life or watery drivel? Use the power of those words! You will effect a genre of readers far more than you know.

Write with a purpose. Be like the servant who doubled his talents, not like the one who buried it in fear. Your pen (or laptop) is your magic wand. Use it wisely, but use it.

2 thoughts on “When Words Have Oomph!

  1. Michael Procopio

    Wow Diana, you have been blogging for a long time. Just curious does your writing follow one of the major organized religions like Catholosim, Babtist, or Protestonism?

    Does your being a novelist help you write blog posts faster?

    1. Diana Symons Post author

      Hi Michael. I go to a non-denominational church.

      I think being a writer is a huge advantage for me. Writing is pretty easy, so I can do it quickly. If I understand the topic, I can write about it. It takes longer to do all the SEO stuff.


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