You Are More Wonderful Than You Know

love of GodGod loves who you are. Isn’t that amazing? He loves your heart and your hidden dreams. He loves all the wonderful potential that He put in you. He actually knows you better than you do.

What’s awesome about how God looks at you is that He sees you from heaven. He sees you through the blood of Christ. He sees you as perfect. You are not broken in His eyes.

What’s even more exciting is that you can connect with the perfection He sees in you when you allow the Holy Spirit to renew you and change you into His image. He understands the things that trip you up and helps you let them go. He gives you bigger dreams and encourages you to be who you really are.

When you put your life in God’s hands, He helps you be a greater you. He builds your faith to be more than you ever had courage to be before, because He loves you. He wants you to be successful and happy. The way that will happen is by giving everything that you are to Him. It’s ok, you can trust Him. He has great plans for you.


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