Is Speaking In Tongues Really Necessary?

Speaking in tongues is necessaryIs speaking in tongues really necessary? Yes it is. It is one way that God communicates with us and it’s not our job to judge how He chooses to do that. It is a way for our spirit to speak directly to God without any affectations. It is how to pray for the things we don’t even know what to ask for.

Paul said, I wish you all spoke with tongues. (ICor 14:5) He meant it. It is an aspect of the Spirit that builds growth and maturity in us. It is a way to pray against the enemy in ways we wouldn’t otherwise know how to do. I like to think of it as giving angels military strategy to fight for us.

If speaking in tongues has been an issue for you, then ask yourself why. Why would you neglect anything that God provided for your health, safety, and growth? Ask Him for it. Be honest and spend time with Him. Ask other people to pray with you. Just be open in your spirit and not doubtful. Don’t expect to understand the words that you speak, it will be a different language, but you can pray for an interpretation.

I agree with Paul, I wish you all spoke in tongues. It’s a powerful, amazing way to pray.


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