Does God Have To Direct Every Decision That You Make?

God will bless your decisions, so go for it.

God will bless your decisions, so go for it.

Do you require God to tell you every decision you need to make? I’m guessing that you probably don’t get a lot of answsers. I don’t believe that God wants to direct every decision that you make. I think He wants us to be mature believers able to know our own hearts. I believe that we live with a green light unless He decides to make it red.

Since we have the Holy Spirit living in us, we are already influenced by His heart. He gives us ideas and dreams and desires, so He likes it when we want to go after them. Achieving those goals can go a dozen different ways. There’s not a perfect way. God can bless whatever we set out to do. If we are truly going in the wrong direction, He will let us know. We may get counsel or that door just won’t open.

I think there have been far too many dreams that never materialized because people waited for a sign. Instead, we should pursue those dreams and trust God to direct us as we go. Walk in maturity and faith, don’t wait to be handheld at every step. You already have a green light.


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