God Is Always Good, Even After Tragedy Happens

God is always good.

God is always good.

God is good. Seriously. He’s really, really good. Bad things happen in the world, and everyone assumes that God is punishing someone or allowing tragedy to happen. It’s an inaccurate assumption, because Jesus gave us all His authority to carry on His gospel. If bad things are happening, it’s because we’ve been lax in using His authority.

God is always good. When tragedy happens, it’s God who heals, saves and delivers. It’s God who sends grace where it’s needed when we call. He’s not directing from heaven so much as waiting to respond to our prayers. We need to be praying for His presence and goodness to be released in the world, otherwise, the bad things will continue to happen.

It’s sad and frustrating when God gets blamed for tragedy, but forgotten otherwise. He is powerful and able to be all that we need Him to be, if we would only turn to Him in faith. Without His protection, yes, tragedy happens, but that is not His plan. His plan is to be our shield and joy, but we have to ask. We miss so much by not asking.

Imagine a world where we all believed His word. Tragedy would be a thing of the past and we’d really see how good God really is.


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