God Doesn’t Wear A Watch

Time is not your measure

Don’t you find it infuriating that it takes so long for prayers to be answered? There’s probably a problem right there. Impatience is not of God. But it’s hard to understand why we have to wait so long when He tells us to ask of Him. Why the wait?

It occurred to me that God isn’t all that affected by time. He doesn’t live by time, we do. He doesn’t answer prayer because so many days, weeks, or years have passed. If the Israelites had believed the good report of the spies instead of the bad report, they would have gone straight into the promised land. The only reason for the forty years of waiting was because the unbelieving generation had to die.

God isn’t waiting on time to answer, He’s waiting on conditions. He’s looking for repentance, obedience,  faith. If it takes years for us to trust Him fully, then that’s how long it will take to see the answer. He’s building character in us. Once we reach one level, it make take another time of waiting to achieve the new level of maturity.

If your answer is a long time coming, stop and ask God what He’s looking for in you. The sooner you deal with it, the sooner answered prayer will come.


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