The Yucky Work Of Housecleaning

Making things clean is so worth it

No one likes housecleaning, at least not normal people. (I’m kidding.) We don’t want to look at dirt and realize that we’ve been living with it. However, it always feels delightful when everything is clean. If it would only stay that way!

There’s a reason why we’re expected to take communion on a regular basis. It forces us to look inside. Jesus died for our sins, so we have to take stock of what we’ve been carrying that we shouldn’t. It’s a time to let go of resentment, unforgiveness, and bad attitudes that we’ve been carrying around. God wants us to wash it all out. He wants us to feel delighted by how clean He makes us.

Communion isn’t the only time to do that. It should be something that we do everyday. In fact, if we do it everyday, then communion becomes a time when we rejoice at the work that Jesus did and thank Him for making a way for us to go straight to the heart of God.

Never allow any sinful attitude or action to go unrepented. Sin blocks our ability to hear God and when we don’t hear Him well, we’re already in trouble. Get some housecleaning done today and be blessed. It’s absolutely delightful.


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