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Let God Out Of The Box

Let God out of the box to be who He needs to be.

God is the God of the unexpected.

When you let go of your expectations of what God will do in your life, anything can happen. He will answer prayer in ways you never saw coming. For instance, I left for a church service feeling very low. I was sad and unhappy and hated feeling that way. I asked God to give me His joy.

I was eventually able to enter in to the worship service with real praise because I chose to set aside the bad feelings that I came in with. In the course of the evening, I met and was prayed over by two women so filled with joy that I was wrecked. These two women told me jokes until I cried and my stomach hurt. I had more joy running around my spirit than I knew what to do with.

I asked God for His joy and He gave it to me. I never would have guessed that He would send me goofy, joke-telling women to do that. Not only did I receive joy, but the three of us bonded in a way that none of us saw coming. We all felt it.

God is not required to be who you say He is. His ways can be quirky and radical, but they will always be what is needed.

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