How Do You Know God Loves You?

God loves you. He really does.

God loves you. He really does.

How do you know God loves you? If you don’t know God, how would you know? It may sound as strange as being told, Cats think with an English accent. How would you know that? At first, by faith.

God has chosen to distant Himself from us physically, so we must respond to Him by faith. When we do, when we believe and receive His grace and salvation, then we receive Him into our hearts. Then we move from faith to knowledge. When the Spirit of God lives in you, you know Him.

But the beginnings are about trust. He says in His word that He loves us immensely. He made a plan for us to be with Him on purpose. You have to take that at face value. He is God and He loves you.

Accept it and receive His great joy. When you that, you can begin to listen with your heart. Your walls have to come down with Him. He sees through them anyway. You can be honest with Him like you can with no one else. Thank Him for His goodness. Allow yourself to love Him and you will feel and know the great truth of His love for you. There will be no guessing, no wondering after that. You will know.


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